Maternity Newborn Photography

Maternity Newborn Photography That Captures Your Unique Beauty

The intimate moments of motherhood can be captured for years to come with maternity newborn photography. At Jennifer White Photography, you are in the safe hands of an award-winning AIPP certified photographer with years of experience. Unique locations and personalised shoots ensure you have maternity photos you’ll want to show off to everyone you know.


Tips Regarding Maternity and Baby Photography


  • Before and after: Pregnancy is just the first step on the lifelong journey of motherhood. By taking pregnancy and newborn photo shoots in similar settings or clothing, you can capture a timeless quality.
  • Include the family: A child is possibly the most beautiful expression of love between two individuals, which is why it can be important to include the father in the maternity baby photography. Displaying the bond between a couple, and including any other children, adds to the aura of love in the shoot.


What Makes A Unique Newborn Maternity Photographer

Make sure your photos stand out by employing a photographer with proven style and skills.

  • Baby whisperer: The key to being a good baby photographer is to understand the moods of a newborn as best you can. Not every baby will patiently pose for the perfect shot. Interacting with them on their level and catching those cute moments helps deliver the best photography.
  • Personal experience: With two daughters of my own, I have a mother’s perspective in mind for all my shoots. Raising my children and watching them grow allows me to see the beauty of every stage in their life, from pregnancy onward.
  • Extensive prop collection: The props available have been collected from all over Australia, the USA and Europe. I have items you won’t find anywhere else and will add a unique and modern atmosphere to your photos.


About Jennifer White Photography

Hiring unaccredited photographers for maternity shoots may lead to wasted money and time. With me, you get over ten years of experience, coupled with certification as an Accredited Professional Photographer (AIPP). I have won both local and international awards for my skills and now employs them for families in Adelaide and the surrounding area.


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